Diagonal Banners

May we help you equip your site visitors to reach people for Christ via the web?

Please consider adding diagonal banner to your site, perhaps as a temporary option in the weeks leading up to the next IE Day, even if this is not your normal ministry policy. The site has only one agenda: to equip Christians to reach the world online. If you share this vision, please let us help you to encourage your site visitors to fulfill their potential in this area.

Internet Evangelism Day is a broad-based interdenominational and trustworthy emphasis focused on encouraging churches and ministries to use the Internet for evangelism. Please consider helping us enlarge this emphasis by using a banner graphic and other suitable publicity on your website. Thank you for your consideration of this worthwhile effort.”
– Dr. Sterling Huston, Chair, Internet Evangelism Coalition, Director of North American Ministries for BGEA

“It gives me great hope to know that new generations of leaders are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in culturally relevant ways, via culturally relevant means. I am glad to commend Internet Evangelism Day.”
– John Stott

“The first Internet Evangelism Day successfully laid the foundation, as we share effective tools and methods for online evangelism. I encourage any ministry that has this type of interest to become an active participant right away.”
– Gary McClure, Lifeway.com

We will be very grateful to all sites who can display an eye-catching – but non-intrusive – diagonal banner. We are a volunteer initiative with no publicity budget, so we depend entirely on friends and partners who see the significance and potential of web evangelism. The banner link opens in a new window, so it does not take visitors away from your site. (We also offer ready-made page content to insert in your own site.)

To add a banner to your site, just copy/paste the Javascript below into your page. You can choose any corner of a page for it to appear, by amending the link to iedaylefthandtopbanner.js, iedaylefthandbottombanner.js or iedayrighthandbottombanner.js as appropriate. Choose a corner of your webpage where the banner will not be superimposed on any links or anything you do not wish to be covered. Although the visible part of the banner is diagonal, the entire transparent graphic is in fact square – any part of this overlapping a link on your page will disable that link.

If you prefer to use the actual banner graphics for better control over position, or want to have your own name and URL displayed on our site through our partners scheme, or wish to link to them or embed them in an HTML-styled email newsletter, you can link directly to the diagonal graphics instead. Please also encourage other websites to use these banners.

then copy/paste (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) this Javascript code into your own page, using a text-editor, or the code-editing mode of an HTML-editing program:

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