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Using cartoons and comics in outreach

Humor communicates! God invented it. Jesus used it. Most of us enjoy having our spirits lifted by a cartoon. Ron Wheeler, of Cartoonworks comments that disarming cartoon humor means “people are more receptive to hearing the Gospel message.”

Cartoon comic evangelism A telling cartoon showed two despairing Christian workers clutching large Bibles trudging along a street, one saying “I give up, I just can't find a way to reach these people!” Every shop and news-stand is selling comics! The source for the cartoon is Comix35 Media, a vital ministry which runs training courses on how to use comics and other media in evangelism.

This page addresses the potential for single stand-alone humor cartoons, as well as narrative stories told in comic form. (Comics are an under-used but strategic tool for outreach.)

1. Cartoons to add to your site

A cartoon on your site can achieve several things: There are several secular cartoonists who offer a daily cartoon to link to. They may not communicate any particular message or worldview. But they often provide excellent humor which can add interest to some types of evangelistic pages or church sites. Several of these artists allow you to link directly to the graphic so the cartoon is incorporated into your own page and automatically updated daily. View samples.

Also available are cartoons with an obvious Christian connection, either to use as static graphics on a web-site, or to link to as a daily changing cartoon. Some are only intended for a Christian readership, others have a lower-key or evangelistic intention. View samples.

Cartoon strategy proposal

There seem to be few cartoons available which fit between these two categories – apparently secular, or obviously Christian. We suggest there is the potential for online cartoon outreach designed for low-key evangelism with these characteristics:

Here’s a working demonstration of how such a cartoon might appear.

Comics in evangelism

Comics have long been used for very effective evangelism. Their value is that they communicate truth in a visual way, not only to children, but also to people in an oral communication culture. Fiction stories told in cartoon form for adult readers – are very popular in Japan the Middle East and other areas. Comix35Media have an outreach comic for Africa.

Of course, anything comic that can be printed can also be put online and can also be downloaded to mobile phones.


Animations have great potential, whether as a short one-minute clip, or a longer story. The growth of YouTube and other video-sharing sites means that both video and animation are hugely strategic online. There is a big need for more Christians to learn how to create animations. View this secular animation as an example of what is possible in this medium.
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