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Church Growth

A good church website can help your church to grow

Many pastors and churches do not realize the potential of a website for church growth. Yet a church website, specifically designed to reach outsiders, integrated with other appropriate outreach strategies, is a major key to drawing non-Christians to your church.

“Week in, week out, more visitors turn up at our church on a Sunday because of the website, than anything else
– King’s Church, Kingston UK: a growing church which uses the principles on this page

“Visitors are increasingly checking out churches online before walking into a service
Tom Harper of

Sorry, your browser does not support frames. <h2>Churchgrowth resources - help, ideas advice, strategy and support for pastors and ministers, church leadership teams and church webmasters</h2> &ndash; find out best principles to build, design, redesign, or revampt seeker-friendly church websites that reach non-Christians and can help to grow your church: <a href="">Church site tips</a>. These tips are being used by many evangelical or free churches, such as Southern Baptist (SBC), Congregational, Pentecostal including Assemblies of God (AoG, AG A/G), Holiness, Nazarene, Apostolic, Elim, Foursquare, Reformed, ECUSA, Free Independent Evangelical, COGIC, Methodist, Anglican, Episcopalian, African Episcopal,Lutheran, Vineyard, Open Bible Church, Discples of Christ, Brethren, FIEC, EFCA, Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA), EFC, Lutheran Missouri Synod, New Frontiers, Canadian Gospel Churches, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), Presbyterian, Full Gospel, non-denominational, cell church, house church, and many more. A church website is also very important in church planting. Please email us if you need free advice from a consultant advisor on site strategy.<br>

Church growth links

Creative Church Consulting International [Creative Church Consulting International] – resources and advice from consultant advisor Dr Bob Whitesel, author of Growth by Accident and other books
Church Growth Inc [] – advice and help for churches [] – equipping leaders to grow healthier churches
Vision Planning [] – partnering with ministry leaders to write, communicate, transfer, and fulfill their ministry vision
Church Planting Movements [] – free church planting booklet from International Mission Board
Planned Acts of Christian Kindness [] – touching people in the community [] – insightful planning, marketing, and strategy advice
KidCare [] – after-school/homework clubs in church premises are a good community involvement
Church Growth Software [] – tracking, planning and follow-up software
Overview of church pages – essential links and strategies
Free content for you – easy code to insert this strategy help page into your own site. Particularly suitable for church growth and pastors’ resources sites. It will blend seamlessly into your own page
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