Video on church websites

A short introductory video on your church site is a great way to introduce outsiders to your fellowship. Coton Green Church [] in Tamworth UK has produced, in-house, an excellent video providing a gentle low-key introduction to the fellowship:

Also on DVD

What is very significant is that they have also made 3000 DVD copies and are distributing them to houses in the community, and then collecting them in later, asking for comments. This releases copies for redistribution to other people. The strategy has been very fruitful, with a number of people visiting the church as a result.

The DVD is therefore not evangelistic in the sense that it offers a gospel presentation. It is evangelistic in the far more strategic sense that it draws people into taking their first step towards a worshiping family community, where they can build relationships and see faith modelled.

They explain the strategy and its results:

“The whole project was designed to inform the people living within a mile of our Church, just what a modern, living church has to offer the community. We believe that we need to overcome what has become a negative view of Church life. The DVD was designed to profile each ministry and convey that we are a loving family, which is seeking others who want to find out more about a relationship with the living God.

The DVD was designed, written and filmed by people within the fellowship over a period of three months. It has been distributed to 5000 homes, within a mile radius of the Church building. We put the DVD through each door, then collect them at the end of the week and invite people to come and see for themselves. We have had a good response so far. It is a fantastic tool to use, allowing us to get out into our community and show them what church is really about. It has also been an amazing catalyst, bring a new sense of unity and common purpose to our own people. We have had over 100 people out on the streets, delivering and collecting the DVDs. We believe that the Lord has used this project to break the barriers that we sometimes erect, stopping us from leaving the confines of the church and going out into our community.”

Other churches are finding a similar potential. Check these 13 compelling videos [], and the one below, which takes a very different approach as a generic welcome, rather than about a specific church – and can therefore be used by any church that feels it represents their ethos:

Tips on embedding

When embedding YouTube videos on your website, ask for the embed code that says: ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes.’ You can also do this mannually by ensuring that the two YouTube links within the coding have &rel=0 at the end. This prevents your site displaying a ‘view related videos’ at the end, the choice of which you have no control over.
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