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The Communication Channel

This block of pages offers help and ideas on a range of topics relating to evangelism, both online and offline. Follow the second-column menu to choose pages within this channel, or look at the description of each page in the table below.

Pages are grouped into different topics. There is inevitable overlap in coverage – some pages could equally well be allocated within different subject areas.

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Page Description
Finding faith
The Gray Matrix Key way to visualize the spiritual journey people take towards
The Engel Scale Detailed explanation of Engel Scale, on which Gray Matrix is based
Relationships Why ongoing relationships are a key to successful evangelism
Alpha-style seekers courses Can the interactive group bible-study for inquirers concept be used online?
Meeting needs Detailed explanation of felt needs evangelism and effective communication
How Jesus met needs Jesus’ sermon method: meeting needs first
Other religions What they believe, and why we need to know
Research Research studies about web evangelism and related issues
Effective communication
Strategy – why bother? Why any sort of evangelism needs strategy
Common interests The Shramm concept of effective communication
Humor Biblical mandate for humor in evangelism, plus free book download
Medicine of laughter Spurgeon’s use of humor was a key to his effectiveness
Spurgeon as communicator More key factors in Spurgeon’s ministry: humor, felt needs, and the Bridge Strategy
Cartoons & comics Potential for cartoons and comics in evangelism
Drama Why it is biblical and effective
Apologetics The role of defending Christian belief in evangelism
X-spectrum A way of analyzing the positioning of websites and other media
Adult learning The remarkable insights that supposedly secular studies have revealed
Bridging the gap
The Bridge Strategy Biblical means to meet people on their own ground, using things that interest THEM
The Lost Key Short true story illustrating the sometimes forgotten potential for using popular culture and other bridging topics for evangelism
Bridging is biblical Why the Bridge Strategy is biblical and we have a mandate to use it
Non-web examples of bridging Illustration from ministry in Japan of the three bridging keys: relationship building, felt needs, and popular culture
Worthy witness Evangelism with integrity and the right motives
Creative thinking Looking for hidden opportunities in evangelism
Outside the box How to reach non-seekers
Felt needs Why felt needs are a biblical starting point for evangelism
Parables Why this biblical bridge approach is so strategic
Understanding and using culture
Relating to culture How to understand and relate to the culture surrounding us
What is culture? The different circles of culture and sub-culture
Evangelism in secular world Using the surrounding postmodern secular culture as a starting point for evangelism
Contextualization Why we should always contextualize our message
Postmodernism Why we need to understand the postmodern mindset
Redemptive analogy A God-given tool to reach the world
Unplanned meanings Embedded parallels in culture, films and stories
Word pictures Putting truths into pictures, avoiding abstract concepts
Oral communication Many people, even in the West, belong to an oral communication culture
Shame cultures Many non-Western cultures are shame based
Bollywood films Taking Indian films as a starting point for evangelism
Websites that work
Start a site How to plan a website and assess the potential audience
Accessibility Making sites easy to read, understand and navigate
Building community Creating a sense of belonging through a website
Making contact cards Publicize your website with contact cards – printed business-type cards to give away
Get site visitors Strategies for getting site visitors: search engine optimization and more
Problems in evangelism
The 99 Percent Problem Why is so little Christian media actually evangelistic?
Avoid jargon How to express gospel truths in neutral accessible language
Absolute zero Why you should assume that people have zero Christian knowledge
Idiom Use idiom with care, especially for second-language speakers and different cultures or regions of the world
Losing contact An ongoing problem: Christians may build relationships only with other Christians
Emlyn and the Far Pools A fishing parable about reaching non-seekers
Mission and cross-cultural outreach
Guide Network Join the network, find others involved in digital evangelism, including non-English languages
National/regional networks Informal networks of digital evangelists in a country or region can be strategic.
Opportunities in non-Western world The many opportunities for web and digital evangelism in other languages and cultures
Japan digital outreach The many opportunities for digital evangelism, plus network to join for Japan digital outreach
Teach IT Many opportunities in the non-Western world to teach computer use
Free outeach literature Single-sheet evangelistic papers in easy-English, African French, African Portuguese, Swahili and Fulani
Writing well
Writing How to write effectively for the web or print media
Revise and edit How to revise and edit your writing, making it readable
Creating effective headlines Making headlines and subheadings that keep people reading
Readers’ Digest style What it is, why it is successful, & how we can learn from it
Style Guide Housestyle and grammar help. Wby it is important. Free Christian style guide
Press releases How to write an effective news release and get free publicity
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