Link directly to the banner graphics

If you prefer to link to the diagonal banners as normal graphics, because:
  1. the Javascript insert code does not work in your site design, or you want more control of its position
  2. you wish to have your own URL and ministry name displayed on our site, using our Partners scheme
  3. you want to insert a banner into an HTML-styled email newsletter
  4. or for any other reason
here is the ready-to-copy code:

then copy/paste (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) this code into your own page, using a text-editor, or the code-editing mode of an HTML-editing program:

Amend the code to link to alternate corner graphics – graphic names are:

and add your partner ID at the end of the URL if you wish to have one

and insert

or other appropriate CSS absolute/relative positioning into the code for the graphic – note how positioning has been used in the source code for this page.