Two Billion Squares

Short drama on the potential for online evangelism

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Cast and props

Young woman: Christine, or choose any name appropriate to your national/ethnic setting.
Male: Techiel the Angel. Play him as older, wise, something of a professor, but also with military bearing rather than ‘nerdy’.
Props: chair, computer, table, large sheet of paper, magnifying glass. (Note: if you cannot find a single sheet of paper 1 meter square, make one up using strips of wallpaper or lining paper stuck together.)
Clothing: normal. Angel’s clothing can hint at military as well as scholarly (perhaps combat jacket, or pips of rank on shoulders).
[Note: all the names of people mentioned in this play have meanings in their languages!]
Christine: [sitting at computer, typing and reading, notices something on screen, and speaks to herself]. “Wow, there are over two billion people using the Internet round the world. I just can’t picture such a large number.”

Angel: [entering stage quierly and moving to her shoulder] “Well, maybe I can help you?”

Christine: [expressing shock and surprise] “Hey, who are you?”

Angel: “My name is Techiel. But the other angels call me ‘Tech’ – please call me ‘Tech’. And I know you already, Christine. You’re in our book. Well, two books actually.”

Christine: [looking somewhat reassured, but a bit awestruck, hands touch her face in confusion] “Angel … Book …? What book?”

Angel: “Let me bring you a page from it.” [He goes off-stage and returns with a large sheet of paper, 1 meter square, which he lays on the table. He also carries a large magnifying glass.] “Right, here is just one page from our book. It has two thousand other pages like this. Now look carefully. [Christine peers closely] It is divided up into millimeter squares. It’s one thousand millimeters each side, so that makes a million little squares. So the whole book contains two billion squares.”

Christine: “Wow, and I can see some sort of picture in each square … Sir … err Tech.”

Angel: “Yes, each square contains a thumbnail photo of an Internet user. Here, use this magnifer to look.” [handing her the magnifying glass]

Christine: “Incredible … faces … thousands … all sorts of people!”

Angel: [pointing] “Look … here.”

Christine: [Excited] “Me! When I had braids in” (or some other reference to a recent hairstyle) [strokes her hair, then starts to move the magnifying glass along the paper, speaking in amazement] “... and there’s Darrel from the computer shop ... and Mrs Manuela at the delicatessen.”

Angel: “Try here.” [pointing]

Christine: “She must be Chinese. Who is she?”

Angel: “Only angel eyes can see the text below the picture. [Looks more closely, as if reading it out] That’s Tin Yan, age 21, a student in Chengdu City, China. And look here, [pointing again, and Christine follows his finger with the magnifying class] … Sevilin, age 36, taxi driver in Turkey … And here’s Mpendwa Atieno – she’s a high school student in Uganda.”

Christine: [peering more closely] “… Err … some of these pictures have a star in the top corner. What does that mean?”

Angel: “They are ones who have been searching for answers to big problems in their lives, during this past week. They are really hurting.” [spoken with sorrow and understanding]

Christine: [wistful, looking again at the paper] “… I wish I could help them find God.”

Angel: [raise eyebrows, thoughtfully] “I think maybe you can!”

Christine: [pauses, looking thoughtful. Then peers again at another area of the page.] “And some of the people here, their pictures have a gold border. Why is that?”

Angel: “That shows they are duplicated in another database, our other Book.”

Christine: [implication slowly dawning] “You mean …?”

Angel: [smiling and nodding] “Yes, the Book of Life. It is our task to work with the Commander to move as many people as possible from this Web book into the Book of Life. The Internet is helping us write thousands of people into that Book each day.” [Angel exits, leaving Christine to look at the page alone a little longer, then return to sit down in front of her computer and ponder for a time.]

© and author: Permission: this drama may be freely performed in any setting without restriction. It may also be copied or redistributed in any form, providing that this credit line is included.

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Video example

5-minute video clip showing this drama adapted and performed as part of an IE Day program by Hazelwood Christian Church (Muncie, IN, USA)
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