Scene: stage is divided into two parts, each represents a room where an evangelist or missionary is preparing to answer God’s call. Each actor continues with their actions while the other is speaking.

2 actors, 5 minutes.


Note: The ‘printed checklist’ could be a copy of the script if necessary, and activities could be mimed if props aren't available.
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Room 1: [walks to table, puts mug on table, picks up list] At last, a chance to get something done on my computer. Where's my checklist?

Room 2: [Walks to table, picks up list] Time to make final preparations for my journey. Where’s my checklist?

Room 1: [switches on computer, sits down. looks at list] Better check my mail first. One of the people I pray with was having a tough time yesterday. [types on keyboard, reads screen.]

Room 2: [reads list] Hard-wearing, loose clothing. Sun hats. Some long sleeves for evenings and cooler weather. [puts list down on table, picks up bundle of clothes and places in suitcase]

Room 1: [reads screen and types] That's good, things are much better today. Better load my Bible commentary and instant message software before I start, then I'll reply.

Room 2: [reads list] Personal Bible, concordance, dictionaries. I'll need those extra Gospels too. And my mailing list of prayer partners and sponsors. [puts books in suitcase]

Room 1: [continues to read from screen] Great, here's the new schedule for the chat room teams. I’m on prayer support ... Thursday evening UK time. Better highlight that. And my prayer support partner next week is ... [mumbles]

Room 2: [reads list] Toiletries, medicines, mosquito net. Better double-check I've got everything that's on the list. No pharmacies where I'm going. [puts things in suitcase]

Room 1: [reads screen and types] What's the time? BornAgainAtheist should be online now – he was asking me how I can believe in a God I can't see ... let’s see if he’s on. Aha ... there he is. [types]

Room 2: [picks up folder with ‘documents’, looks through it] Better check my documents again. Passport, visa, immunisation certificates, tickets, currency. Mustn’t forget the maps. [puts folder and maps in case]

Room 1: [reads screen and types] That’s an interesting question ... what does the Bible say ... [types, refers to Bible, reads screen] Here we are ... I'll just copy and paste this in. [types] Time to finish now. [switches off computer]

Room 2: Right ... that seems to be everything. [closes case]

[Both face audience, and pray]

Room 1: Father of all, you sent your Son to carry out your mission of redeeming the world.

Room 2: Today, many still have not heard his message of truth and love. Our world is torn by war and conflict, by poverty and injustice.

Room 1: Let the light of your Gospel of love so shine in the world that it may be transformed into a worthy home for all your children of every race and country.

Room 2: Bless all missionaries throughout the world that their work may bear fruit.

Room 1: Together with them, may we too share in the missionary work of the whole Church that your Kingdom of justice, love and peace may come in all hearts and in all nations.

Room 2: We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord.

Both: Amen

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, and to make derivative works for non-commercial use. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one.

Author: Dianne Reuby. Download in RTF format

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