Free drama sketch scripts

Challenging Christians about evangelism

Short drama sketches are a powerful communication tool, both effective and biblical. All the dramas below are completely free to use adapt, or republish (except for those in the off-site links to

  1. Two Billion Squares – 5 minutes, 2 characters. Highlights God’s purposes for web evangelism. (Follow link to view video of this drama being performed.)
  2. Is Anyone Listening? – 5 minutes, 1-5 characters. Are we open to God’s call to online evangelism?
  3. Saul to Paul – 5 minutes, 6-7 characters. A modern version of Paul's conversion, designed for youth to present in church. Includes a challenge to use the Facebook and the Internet for evangelism.
  4. Man Overboard! – 5 minutes, 2 characters. Emphasizes need to fully present the Gospel to the lost.
  5. Into the Light – 5 minutes, several characters, mainly mime. Shows how God helps overcome the fear of stepping out into a new ministry. Can also be adapted to demonstrate someone moving toward faith.
  6. Jay’s Story – 5 minutes, monologue. Gets inside the head of a typical non-Christian.
  7. Last Chance – 5 minutes, monologue. Another expression of the inner pain of a non-Christian woman.
  8. Missionaries – a comparison between the many hurdles for being a cross-cultural missionary overseas, and the relative simplicity of being a web evangelist.
  9. More challenge scripts which are a general encouragement to do evangelism in a wider context.
  10. Adapt humor video clips – some of these amusing video shorts about effective communication can easily be adapted into drama skits.
If you perform any of these, please tell us how your performance went, or even send us a video.
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