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A missed opportunity for the Great Commission

Unreached nations and web evangelism

The potential of the Web for online outreach is increasingly acknowledged. But there is so much more that can be done, especially in non-English languages. The needs and opportunities of Japan are immense, for example. But many other countries are a challenge too. There is very little effective web evangelism parts of E Europe, for example. Yet the Web is a powerful tool to help us fulfill the Great Commission.

This Cybermissions PDF article: Strategies for cybermissions [] gives an overview of the needs of many unreached nations.

For a definition of ’unreached people group’ and a range of related concepts, see Joshua Project. []

For the background, challenges and evangelism status of every nation in the world, read Operation World. []

For free downloads including PowerPoints, on the state of world evangelism, unreached peoples, maps, etc, see Joshua Project downloads. []

The Web can be a key to reaching many unreached people groups and nations. Web ministry can be integrated with team work on the ground. It also provides returned missionaries with opportunities to continue to minister to their chosen people group.

Mobile phones also have great potential in unreached nations.

If you are interested in reaching people in non-English languages online, and need advice or networking with others who are doing this, please write to us.

Great Commission challenge videos

A Thousand Questions is a moving challenge to Christian service:

From PhotoMission: download hi-res versions: Good qualityWMV 9Mb | Best quality WMV 60Mb

A short allegory on seeking non-seekers: 3-min short story:

Read story online: it can be freely reproduced in print or online.
Other short stories available: The Lost Keys | Desperately Seeking Lodgers | Golf Parable | Digital Rivers Newtown. Also available: free articles

Right-click to download video in WMV format: HD 1080p (20Mb) | HD 720p (14Mb) | 640×480 (10Mb) | Mobile 320×240 (8Mb)

The LogosDor challenge for children’s evangelism – Aim Lower, can be downloaded from YouTube:

Challenge on living for the kingdom, and can be downloaded in one click from YouTube:

The State of Christianity - Lausanne summary. You can download this video from the Videom page (54Mb, when you are logged in to Vimeo) for projection in meetings, or embed it in a webpage or blog using the embed code link:

This video explains the potential of mobile phones in the non-western world (see related videos), from a mission viewpoint, (also available to download as a 15.5Mb WMV file):

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