What is Internet Evangelism Day?
This site presents to Christians the growing opportunities for digital evangelism, and operates at two levels:

Does IE Day appeal for money?
No, never. Unlike many focus days, IE Day is purely informational. You will receive no direct appeals, or indirect hints, for money.

Who is behind IE Day
The Internet Evangelism Coalition has initiated this vision and endorsed a small group of communicators, experienced as advocates for the use digital media in outreach, to create this site. Faith statement | endorsements from leaders

How is it funded?
All those involved in IE Day are volunteers. Expenses are low.

Are there ways I can help?
Yes – please publicize IE Day in any way you can. You can link to the website, print features in newsletters and magazines. If you are on Facebook, please click ␀Like’ on our Fan Page. And please encourage your local church, or entire denomination, church grouping or Christian organization, to use IE Day resources. We can also use volunteers in other ways.

Can I reproduce content from the site?
You are welcome to use any of the page content or our ready-made articles within print publications, college lectures, OHP slides, PowerPoint presentations, websites etc. Please include a credit to

Are the pages printer-friendly?
Yes, all pages automatically print in a layout suitable for paper, with header, footer and menu removed. Off-site recommended URLs print visibly too within the page for later reference.

Why are some links underlined in green?
Links to other websites are underlined in green and carry the widely-accepted small arrow graphic to designate this. These links open in a new browser window, usually with a removable narrow top frame, so that you do not lose your starting place, however far you explore the new link. A few of the sites we link to use a Javascript code to prevent their sites being retained within a frame, or have specifically asked that we not link to them in this way. Close these new windows manually when you have visited the site.

External links on this site to other web-pages are provided in good faith, but we are not responsible for their opinions, content or privacy policy, their ongoing links, or any adverts and popups they carry. (For instance, we link to appropriate Wikipedia pages which are excellent for concise factual summaries and ongoing background links. This does not necessarily imply approval of all Wikipedia pages which like any other user-contributed resource are shaped by the worldview and opinion of the contributor.)

Also links may cease to work, or domains lapse and be taken over by organizations with a completely different agenda, and we offer a report button so that users can advise us of such problems.

Is my email address and other information stored securely?
Yes, and your email address will only be used for the purpose you gave it. See our Privacy Policy.

Can I suggest more ideas for downloadable resources, news, etc?
Yes please. Any ideas, resources and news will be gratefully received.

Is IE Day international?
Yes, we want to see IE Day publicized and used in as many countries as possible. We encourage other Christian groups to translate parts of this site into different languages.

This is a good place to express thanks to a wide range of people who have helped IE Day by using our publicity materials, linking to the site, helping with writing and proof-reading, or advising on PHP scripting and other technical issues. Their contribution has been enormous, and we acknowledge it gratefully.

Internet Evangelism Day, Internet Evangelism Coalition, Guide Network, or any other partner group or individual, have no liability for any problem or inconvenience connected directly or indirectly with the use of this site and its resources.