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The Guide Network

Networking together for web and mobile evangelism

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The Global Use of Internet and Digital Evangelism (Guide) Network is an informal networking resource, linked with Internet Evangelism Day & Web Evangelism Guide, Internet Evangelism Coalition, [] Global Christian Internet Alliance, [] Lausanne, [] and visionSynergy. [ Its purpose:

Enhancing global spread of the Gospel in multiple languages via the Internet and mobile digital devices, by networking with practitioners to:
Currently, the main resources of the Network are: Other resources will be added in due course. If you are a member of, or know of, any informal network relating to any of these topics, which you would like us to include on this page, please write.

Please link to this page using a text link or our logo: get code.

Our vision

A special emphasis is assisting in the emergence of internet/mobile evangelism in more countries and languages beyond English, including the non-western world. There will soon be the ‘second billion’ web users outside the West, and even more have mobile phones right now. So our interest also includes the development of viral video clips and cartoons that can be used with mobile phones or online. We also wish to see increased convergence, synergy and collaboration between different electronic media, for instance DVDs and radio ministry, with the Web/mobile devices.

We also wish to help the cross-cultural missions community in developing digital evangelism and discipleship integrated with their ministries on the ground, as explained in this Lausanne World Pulse [] article.

How we can help you?

Link you with others

Are you wishing to do web evangelism in a particular language? Are you planning a mobile phone initiative? Perhaps you are looking for training? We can probably link you with others working in the same area. With our involvement in the cross-cultural missions community as well as the new media, we do have a unique web of relationships to draw on. Or you may be a mission agency, just wondering whether to move into web or mobile ministry. Are you the editor Christian publication who wishes to interview people regarding web and mobile evangelism? Whatever your needs or questions, please write.

Guide Network partner visionSynergy [] are also experts in helping Christian groups network together in other ways for the Great Commission. See their book Well Connected [] (Phill Butler, Authentic Books/World Vision).

Free articles for editors

We offer to Christian print and web editors, and bloggers, a wide range of freely re-usable articles:

Panel of speakers for conferences, seminars, Bible Colleges, or agencies

Some members of the Guide Network are available to speak about web and mobile evangelism at conferences, seminars, Bible Colleges or mission agency staff meetings (as well as offering consultancy advice by email or Skype.) We hope that increasingly, Bible Colleges will develop course modules on these topics, as our Open Letter to colleges suggests.

Members of this panel are also available by telephone interview for Christian radio/podcasts or print media articles.


There are a growing range of conferences to give you help on web ministry, including those relating to specific country/regional networks.

Cheap/free software, webmaster and technical advice

Guide Network does not major in technical advice, although by all means ask other members. (If you are newcomer to the Web, check these resources.) Your best route for asking about (and giving) technical solutions is to join online forums such as GeeksandGod [] | Webmaster Talk [] and many others. Our webmaster page offers the weekly Possibilities ezine. For equipment purchasing decisions, always check out online reviews at CNET [] and elsewhere, join ICCM-Tech [] and see MissionTechWiki. []

For church webmaster forums to discuss technical issues and site critiques, see Great Church Websites [] and [] which also covers wider church media issues such as PA, projection, video and related issues, and offers an annual conference. Of course, a Google search will frequently lead you to a technical solution already posted online.

Sitepronews logo We highly recommend SiteProNews’ webmaster articles [] and newsletters. [] See also the newsletters and articles at SitePoint. [] We offer advice on Search Engine Optimization and page promotion.

For royalty-free graphics (often completely free for non-profits), see StockExchange. []

Firefox icon Of the greatest value to web developers are the various free Firefox browser Add-ons [] such as the Web Developer toolbar and Search Engine Optimization tools. For valuable guidance on HTML, CSS and other scripting, see W3Schools. []

International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM) [] focuses mainly on tech support for missions, with mailing lists, and annual conferences in US, Australia/Asia and Europe [] and also provide the MissionTech Wiki. []

Be aware that there is much free software available for those on a restricted budget. OpenOffice is an excellent free alternative to MS Office suite, and most of its components are at least the equal of Microsoft, although its PowerPoint capability is a little behind the latest MS version (though it has a great export to Flash or PDF feature). Open Office does not include any desktop equivalent of Publisher, but consider Serif free or very cheap equivalents.

PrimoPDF saves any file to PDF. There are many thousands of freeware/shareware products which are often equally as good as commercial programs. Take the time to research what may be available to suit your needs at [] and Google for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google’s many free applications, including user-sharing GoogleDocs, [] are also highly useful, though be aware that any apparently private document can be hacked, so be aware that there is always a security issue here.

To check two lists of emails for duplicates or uniques, try out tool. The recommended antivirus Avast [] is free to use on a personally-owned computer, and licences for organizational use are very reasonable. All computers should also have installed the free versions of Spybot Search and Destroy and AdAware. []

And many software providers offer very substantial discounts to non-profit organisations. For instance, DreamWeaver, Adobe and Microsoft products are usually available at 20-25% of the commercial price. It is always worth asking a manufacturer – they may not publicize discounts widely for fear of abuse. offers 20% off, on request. Retailers and other resources at special not-for-profit prices include: TechSoup, [] CCBNonProfits (N America) [] and Civica (UK). []

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