Kasia’s story

Kasia lives in Poland. She began an internet discussion with a young believer in Florida, who encouraged her to visit several Internet sites, which put her in touch with a Polish group. As a direct result of visiting this site site, Kasia began to correspond with a young Polish Baptist woman, who played a role in Kasia coming to faith in Christ.

My name is Kasia. I come from a small town in the south of Poland. I was raised in a Catholic family. My thinking was shaped by Catholic faith. After high school I left my home town and I went to Silesia. Everything went well. I worked on my education and I began more seriously developing my passion, which was music. God was always important in my life. I always had a feeling that he was leading me and that was enough.

In 2000 I thought of studying theology. I have always wanted that, maybe because I wanted to know some deeper sense of my religion. I was really proud of myself when I became a student of theology. And so I started: philosophy, history, ethics, doctrines, dogmas, documents and more. I somehow made it to the fourth year. A time came to think it all over. What was I really seeking? Was there any aim in all that? And where is God after all?

Of course I went to church, I sought, but it was all for nothing. I would probably have gone on living with my music, studies, and all these dilemmas, but some August night in 2004 I accidentally started chatting with somebody on the Internet and he turned out to be a beginning of changes in my life. He started talking to me about the Bible.

At the beginning I thought he was some fanatic and that he simply wanted to annoy me. But I was intrigued enough to continue talking to him longer and longer. He told me strange things, he showed me how the believers see the world. He often used words like Jesus, Savior, Lord – well I shouldn’t be surprised by that. He asked me questions I could not answer. And he told me that when I received Christ I will be saved.

But how can I receive Christ? I didn’t understand that. Still I was very intrigued by that. Artur, that’s his name, started to encourage me to look for believers somewhere closer to me. He’s from Florida. He sent me several webpages and I sent several emails asking for help. And that same day I received two answers, one from a Baptist believer from Warsaw and one from my present friend in Pielgrzymowice. That was incredible.

Day by day I was closer to the Lord, I asked questions, I read the Word, I prayed. And I was totally amazed by God’s work in my life.

One evening someone asked me if I wanted to give my life to the Lord, if I wanted to receive him as my Lord and Savior and I did that! My life has changed since then. On 29 December I was baptized and what can I say? I’m very happy and I know for sure that the Lord loves me and leads me. He takes care of me and helps me face attacks of the evil. He gave me wonderful friends who support me and pray for me. To Him be the glory and honor!

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