Being the Master’s Tools

Guest article by Mathew Varghese, General Secretary of Union of Evangelical Students of India.

A reminder that the medium is not the message, and that though the Web is indeed a tool, ultimately, we are the tools the Master uses.

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Communication is possible in different ways. We use various tools to get the message across. These days, we see the highest advance of media utilization in missions. But the sad reality is that in the fast track of technological know-how, we often tend to forget Jesus' way of communication. It's time for those actively involved in missions to reflect and learn from our Master's unique methodology in communicating the message of the Kingdom through earthly examples.

What was unique about Jesus' communication? How different was He in handling the Truth?

The Message

Jesus came with the message of truth. It was the message of Love. He loved us enough to forgive our transgressions and restored us into the fellowship of God. He practiced what He preached even to the extent of sacrificing His life on the Cross. His life itself was a message and He was true to it.

We are called to be the messengers of His message. We do not have any message other than the message of the Cross. We do not have any other medium to carry this message than our lives. The Cross stands high as an embodiment of God's love that our lives may continue to proclaim His good news.

The Method

Different methods could have been used by God, as He is Sovereign, but He chose the method of incarnation. He came down, became human, lived among people, used their language, ate their food, and limited himself to a particular geographical and cultural setting. He identified with the people and with their sickness and suffering. He never kept anything to Himself but always gave everything out for others. He willingly served others in spite of expecting denial and rejection.

The incarnation of Jesus draws us closer to effective communication of the Gospel. Though it is always a challenge to follow the methodology of selfless service, He has demonstrated how it can be done.

The Model

There was a set of principles that guided His life. They were of high intrinsic value often known as kingdom values. Eternal and abundant life, righteousness and justice, holiness, love, peace, and joy were very central to His life. It was all about the saltiness of the salt and the brightness of the light.

The model before us is the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a life presented and explained to all peoples in all times. The foundation is laid; the ground is prepared. We need to own and build our lives into this great personality.

The Tool

People were His greatest tool. He called them in spite of their different personalities. He longed to have a close association with them. He turned ordinary lives into extraordinary channels of His message. He said, "Follow Me, I'll make you fishers of men." It was a call to have a life long experience with Him. Anyone who followed Him followed with a purpose. The master poured out His life to them and taught them about the mysteries of the Kingdom. They walked with a difference. They spoke something 'new'. Thus, they went into the ends of the earth and turned the world upside down.

We need to understand clearly the value of human resources. God has created each one of us in a unique way, as a unique tool in His hands. All other tools are secondary compared to the worth of human lives dedicated for the Lord's service. No-one could ever imagine how such a life could be transformed for His glory.

Our Response

Jesus magnified the highest mode of God's communication on the Cross. There is much to learn from Jesus' way of communication. He communicated the truth in a different way. The message, the method, the model, and the tool are very unique. Our humble response is to make ourselves available before Him, to learn from Him and be used for Him. This takes us to a deeper experience of understanding Him and His message.
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