Evangelism challenge music

You may wish to use some ‘evangelism challenge’ music for an Internet Evangelism Day program, or any other mission challenge/focus event. You can download most of these songs as full vocal recordings, to be played at an appropriate point in your program. Alternatively, download a backing track to use with your own singers, or print the music for your worship group to learn and perform.

These songs will be useful in any other sort of missions or outreach-challenge meeting for Christians: these are not evangelistic songs to speak to not-yet-Christians, they emphasize to Christians the challenge of sharing the gospel. Whatever your personal taste in music, they are probably more likely to communicate to younger generations than certain traditional ‘missionary’ hymns written in the 19th century! You can burn them all on to a CD – most modern CD players now handle MP3s.

To listen to the music, left-click on the links below. Broadband may play it almost immediately, depending on what is set as your default MP3 player. On a dialup connection there will be a long wait till it starts playing (low-fi links will be much quicker). To save to a suitable location on your hard disk, left or right-click according to browser, choose ‘save link as’ (or ‘save target as’, or similar), and select a directory to save the file to. Download times: dialup connection – about 12 minutes, broadband – 1-2 minutes. (Most computers have installed software capable of playing MP3 files – e.g. Quicktime, Windows Media Player or RealAudio.)

Restrictions as to use: non-profit ministry performance only, MP3s not to be sold. For other usages, check with the song owner.

1. Lord, Help Me To Tell Your Story

Grateful thanks to writers Tim Moyler and Donna Vann, and Family Worship for permission to use this encouraging and gentle song. Many other songs are available from Family Worship.

music icon Lord, Help Me to Tell Your Story
– full song with vocals (3.3Mb MP3): play/download

music icon Instrumental accompaniment only (3.3Mb MP3), as backing for live vocals, or as background music: play/download
PDF icon Lyric & sheet music with chords (149k PDF file): view/download

2. Don’t Wait

Joe and Melissa Champlion of SoulKeeperMusic have generously made their strongly emotive ‘Don’t Wait’ evangelism song available for use on IE Day. See copyright notice on the lyric file link.

music icon Dont’t Wait – full song with vocals (5Mb MP3): play/download

music icon Instrumental accompaniment only (5Mb MP3), as backing for live vocals, or as background music: play/download
Word icon Lyric & chords (RTF file): view/download

3. We Can Do Together/We’re on God’s Team/Unify

These challenging songs emphasise the need for co-operation and networking, if we are to share the Gospel effectively. (Thanks for VisionSynergy.net and PowerofConnecting.net for making this link available.) Follow the link to see the lyrics and listen to the songs in Windows Media Format/MP3 (right-click their links to save for later use):
music icon Music and lyrics

4. More great MP3s

Left-click on low-fi links (where available) to listen. Left or right-click on MP3 links depending on browser (all around 3Mb in size) to save on your hard disk.

Grateful thanks to 4Praise.com who offer a wide range of free MP3s and sheet music:
music icon Let The Whole World Know (Lydell Washington)
low-fi | MP3 | Lyric/chords
Grateful thanks to John Green and Recent Rainfall for these tracks:
music icon No Way I Am Not Ashamed low-fi MP3 | MP3 female vocalist | MP3 male vocalist | MP3 backing track | Lyric/chords
music icon I Will Not Be Silent latest longer mix  MP3 | older shorter mix MP3 | low-fi MP3 | Lyric/chords (includes conditions of use)
music icon Declare Your Glory low-fi MP3 | MP3 | Backing track MP3 | Lyric/chords

music icon The Harvest Is Ready (with grateful thanks to Chris Medway)
MP3 | Backing track MP3 | Lyric PDF | Lyric Doc | Lyric RTF | Sheet music/chords
music icon Just Add Water MP3
music icon Empty Vessel, by Gerry Asmus MP3 and lyrics

5. Audio Adrenaline, and Avalon

Audio Adrenaline’s song Hands and Feet (lyrics) and Avalon’s Testify to Love (lyrics), are strongly missions challenge:

Other songs

There is other music useful in an witness-challenge setting, though surprisingly little. Here are a few suggestions:

Other sources of music:

Please tell us of other high quality evangelism-challenge music (titles or MP3s) to add to this page.

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