The potential for evangelism

What is podcasting? Simply, it involves ...

The enormous growth in iPod ownership has encouraged the podcasting revolution. No longer do you need to listen at home to radio programs or music at specific times, or even take the time to visit a website to download their audio files. You can subscribe to a feed so that an automatic download is done whenever a new podcast is available.

Using it for evangelism

Most Christian podcasts (as with other Christian media), are directed at Christians. It is the task of our website to investigate ways that go past this instinctive use of communication, and see where it can also be used for direct outreach.

Not-yet Christians, unless they are seekers, are unlikely to subscribe to Christian podcasts such as church sermons or other discipleship materials. The most likely material for them to choose will be lower-key bridge strategy podcasts, for instance on life issues or specific interests.

Some Christian broadcasters also offer their programming online by podcast.

Other uses of audio and video

Increasingly, websites are offering embedded audio or video clips within a webpage, to listen to watch or listen as the user browses. This is an ideal way to enhance the communication experience through an evangelistic site. It has particular relevance for people in oral communication cultures.

Video can also be offered by podcast: the JESUS Film [www.jesusfilm.org/podcasting/02.html] can be downloaded for mobile devices.

Examples of podcasts for non-Christians

Further reading

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