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Postmodernism – world’s way of thinking

And why we should care

“Duke Ellington is dead. I don’t have to believe it if I dont want to.”
– Alistair Cooke

‘Postmodernism’ is a word which simply sums up the way much of the world thinks today. It includes these viewpoints:

Postmodernist thinking therefore encourages choose-it-yourself beliefs within the New Age spectrum. The ethos of the Internet relates closely to the postmodern view – everyone is free to offer, or find, any viewpoint.

We must present the Gospel differently in a postmodern situation. People may not initially be interested in our version of truth, especially if it is presented dogmatically and without humor. However, they may well be interested in solutions which meet the problems they face in life. An apologetic approach can be valuable in our postmodern culture.

Why it matters

It is important that we should help Christians (and not least, our young people) to understand the way postmodernism affects the world, the Church, and communication. Surveys suggest that a frighteningly large percentage of apparently professing Christians now claim not to believe in a range of absolutes at all.

We live in a postmodern world where people demand choices and freedoms. A top supermarket chain, which offered 3000 product items in 1987, now presents consumers with 30,000. The democratic, ‘choose your own pathway’, ‘anyone can publish’ Internet is very much a postmodern medium.

It is no longer possible to effectively present the Gospel in the way it was successfully preached in the first part of the 20th century. Understanding the postmodern worldview is not a luxury for a sociologists. It must be an essential insight for all Christians.
Postmodernism in Europe
Postmodernism: The Spirit of the Age

Some Christians specialize in thinking about ways in which to relate to a postmodern world, such as:

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