Feedback Questionnaire

It will help us greatly to know how you planned and implemented your IE Day focus, and whether there were specific outcomes. Please complete this questionnaire. Then email it to us: either copy/paste the questions and answers into an ordinary email, or copy/paste them into a word-processed document, and send them to us as an attachment. If you prefer, print it and return by normal post. Thank you for taking the time to help us.

With your permission, we may wish to use your comments on our examples page.

If you took any photographs during your IE Day, we’d love to see those too.

Name of church or organisation
Region or State
Contact person
Email address
Why did you decide to hold an IE Day?
What form did your IE Day focus take? Please describe briefly all the activities that you built into your program. If you included a slot within a church service, what components did you include? How much time did you allocate for it?
Did you create any extra
meeting for this purpose?
Did you involve housegroups
or midweek meetings in any way?
Did you use our downloadable resources: posters/photos/publicity releases/PowerPoint/video/dramas/music/discussion questions/other?
Did you edit the PowerPoint presentaton to suit your needs?
Please detail which videos or dramas you chose, and why.
What was the reaction to each of these items you used.
Please tell us how we could improve any of these downloadable resources.
Can you summarize the overall reaction of your members to the IE Day?
Do any of your members wish to use the training options on our training page?
Did you feel that it was a worthwhile exercise? Please give reasons why or why not.
Would you consider holding an
IE Day another year?
Please tell us how we might improve this website.
Have you made any specific decisions in the area of Web Evangelism, as a result of IE Day?
Do you need further help and advice in this area?
Do you have any other comments, ideas or suggestions?

Please return this form:

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