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There are many overtly Christian screen savers, but some may be too blatant in approach to be wisely evangelistic. We suggest that in most cultures and work environments, it is best not to use ‘in-your-face’ preachy slogans/Bible verses. A lower-key style which tries to ‘intrigue the lost’ and create conversation may have much more real potential. This screen saver is designed for Christians to use in their secular workplaces, where other workers may notice it from time to time.

Pace of animation is faster
than actual screensaver

The screen saver is free for personal use, and has been generously made available for IE Day by Strategic Digital Outreach. You may share it with your church members – for instance by adding it on a CD along with other IE Day resources such as music, book downloads, etc., if this is done on a non-profit basis. You may also link directly to the download files for this screen saver.

It also displays an URL for interested people to check out a top outreach site. Strategic Digital Outreach can customize it for churches and other ministries to distribute to their members. It is also available in Hungarian, and SDO needs help to translate it into more languages.

Download Free Personal Version (1.573 Mb .exe file) or as a zipped file. Download time will vary from about 5 minues on dialup to 30 seconds on broadband, depending on speed. Choose the zip file for speed, or if your network prohibits you from downloading an .exe file. Save in a useful folder on your computer, such as ‘my downloads’.

Installation instructions

To install the screen saver, follow these steps:

System Requirements

The screen saver requires the following:
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