Second Life books  second life logo Although there is much online to help Christians and churches understand Second Life, handbooks are still a valuable resource. You can use the ‘search inside’ option within Amazon to view sample pages, and also see reader’s reviews. Your library may stock or order some of these titles.

You can also follow the link at the end of this page to learn how to become a missionary in Second Life, meet other Christians, visit churches, and share the gospel online.

Second Life - A Guide To Your Virtual World
Brian A White
QUE Publishing
ISBN 0-321-50166-7

Well reviewed and detailed handbook.

Available online: US | Canada | UK | France | Germany | Japan

The Unofficial Tourists’ Guide to Second Life
Paul Carr, Graham Pond
St Martins Griffin
ISBN: 0-312-37648-0
A cheaper shorter alternative introduction, also well reviewed.

Available online: US | Canada | UK | France | Germany | Japan

There is a growing range of other Second Life titles.

The concept of a parallel virtual universe that we can visit and live in, is quite remarkable. There are many ways that Christians can share their faith in Second Life. There are also a growing number of virtual Second Life churches and even a cathedral. We encourage Christians to investigate if this could be their calling.