Social Bookmarking

Please add the page you just clicked on (if it is a main topic page within our site) to any personal online bookmarking system you belong to, using our one-click links:

Post to – probably the most widely used system
Save on Furl
Save on Diigo – a new system with a remarkable range of features
Seed This Post
Send to Digg
Add to Yahoo My Web 2.0
Add to Reddit
Socializer – submits to a range of bookmark systems if you are a member of more than one

or add this URL: to any other social bookmark system.

Most of these systems provide a browser plugin or special ‘bookmarklet’, enabling you to add a page directly from your browser. For instance, offers an excellent addition to the Firefox toolbar, giving two extra buttons.

For evangelism

Social bookmarking is also a good way of helping others to find evangelistic websites: more.