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Digital evangelism speaker panel

Those of us involved in the Guide Network, whose project partners are Internet Evangelism Day, the Internet Evangelism Coalition, GCIA, Lausanne and visionSynergy are aware of the very great potential for online evangelism, yet many opportunities and challenges are not being utilized. We believe that offering speakers to conferences, seminars and Bible Colleges is one way to increase awareness, demonstrate opportunities, catalyze new initiatives and facilitate networking.

If you are an organization looking for a lecturer or seminar leader, please view our Speaker Panel page, and make a request from there (and also note our free articles you can use). If you are a potential speaker on digital evangelism issues, read on...

How the panel works

We therefore are seeking further speakers for our panel. The information you provide will not be put online publicly, but kept securely by the Guide Network coordinators. If a request comes to us for a speaker, and we feel that your details may match their requirements, we will approach you, so that you can relate to the requester directly, with of course no obligation to accept the offer: disclaimer.

The Skype and phone options

One very practical alternative way of speaking to a seminar without leaving your office – a Skype web-conference session. This is an option we think has potential. While it may lack the benefits of face-to-face speaking, there are big advantages – it is cost-free and there is no travel or time commitment! Many of us would find it hard to take a full day out of a busy schedule, yet could more easily provide a half-hour web seminar online from home or office. And increasingly as Christian groups and missions in the non-Western world respond to the needs of the ‘second billion’ web users who will come online in the next few years, there may be a need to give input and encouragement to groups where it would be particularly difficult or expensive to travel. A second workable option is a conventional telephone conference call, in order to contribute to a seminar.

We also occasionally get requests for radio or press interviews by phone – you may also wish to be available for these if they relate to your areas of interest and experience, again with no obligation to accept.

Our application form asks you if you are willing to use any of these options.

The application form

If you have experience of any area of digital evangelism, effective communication and media trends, ie. topics such as these, and would like to be added to the panel, please write to us with a brief summary of your experience and interests, and we will send you the URL of our online application form.

It places you under no obligation to accept any request made to you! In practice, we doubt that we will be inundated with invitations. The offer of web evangelism speakers has been on this site for some time, yet has produced few requests. So please do not feel inhibited by the possibility of many requests coming to you. It might be only one request a year!

We also welcome members of the panel who may be too busy to take on speaking commitments, but may be available to do occasional Skype or phone-conferencing sessions.

Please also do not feel held back if you only have experience in one or two areas. The whole value of a panel is that it draws on a wide range of different backgrounds and experience. Note that we also need speakers who can address wider issues such as how media are affecting the culture, and how to use contemporary culture (film, music, books etc.) as a starting point in evangelism, and communication principles which also impact on church ministry or others areas of evangelism and mission (for instance oral and digital communication cultures, contextualization, and creative evangelism, relational and missional ministry for the local church, etc).

Membership of the panel does not imply to groups looking for speakers that you have any specific connection with IE Day or hold any particular viewpoint on any topic or doctrine. We link you directly with the requester, with whom you must negotiate all aspects of a speaking request.

You will note that the application form asks for the name of a Christian leader who knows you well. If we do not already know you or your organization, we may wish to approach a referee before adding you to the panel.

Other stuff

If you have not already joined Guide Network’s YahooGroup, you are welcome to join.

Please mention this page to anyone who is working in any aspect of web/mobile evangelism, or suggest names to us that we should send it to.

If you or your organization are ever approached by someone other than us, for speaking engagements you cannot fulfill, do point the requester to our Speaker Panel page. And please make the Speaker Panel known to conference organizers, Bible colleges or other potential users.

A related request – the need for stories

It is not always easy to promote the potential of online evangelism in its many different forms, to the wider Christian world. True stories are a tool for us to do this effectively – about people who came to faith online (or whose journey was started via the Web, eg. through a church website), and also web evangelists’ own stories. We need these (short or long) for our own ministry, and also to have available as a resource to share with Christian journalists as we encourage them to write about online outreach. As a web evangelist, you are probably sitting on a gold-mine without realizing – these true stories! Please can you send us (short or long) stories that we can use? They can be anonymized if necessary.
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