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You can syndicate the content of the Church Site Tips page into any website, simply by copy/pasting some Javascript/CSS or iframe code into your own page. Please do it this way, rather than attempting to hard-code the material into your website directly. [Reasons]

Print magazines

You are also very welcome to publish the Church Site Tips in any printed Christian magazine or newsletter. The only requirement is to put a short credit at the end of the article. You may also shorten the article and make other edits, so long as the overall message and style is unchanged. Since it is 4000+ words, you may wish to split it into installments. We’d love to see a copy of your publication if you use it. Please tell us if you publish, or if you have any queries: email. You can also take other material from any of the IE Day or Web Evangelism Guide links from this page to add to print articles, or use in lectures, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

How to copy the article text for print

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